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Digital Forensic Solutions

What is Digital Forensics?

C yber incidents are fast moving and increasing in number and severity. When a cyber incident occurs, the attacked enterprise responds with a set of predetermined actions. Applying digital forensics to aid in the recovery and investigation of material on digital media and networks is one of these actions. Digital forensics is the “process of identifying, preserving, analysing and presenting digital evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable in any legal proceedings such at a court of law, or a valid with proof being documented, to use in an official way. Its important for cyber security professionals to undergo a thorough process of identifiers the process of identifying, preserving, analysing and presenting digital evidence, this process is known to be: Digital Forensics.


Since the 1970s, the field of digital forensics has evolved to keep up with a widespread options in digital technology in the means of which these technologies are used for criminal activities.
The use of computers for financial crimes in the 1980s helped shaped digital forensics methods into what they are today. With such new modern technologies being developed in a fast pace, a new landscape for criminal activity has emerged.
The need to get new forms of evidence, from digital forensics to a vital pool by law enforcements in pursuit of conviction of crimes, such as:

⦿ Human Exploitation
⦿ Cyber Stalking
⦿ Cyber Terrorism
⦿ Illegal Data Breaches
⦿ Theft of Information

To support this new discipline, specialised pools, have also emerged to support investigators, Capture, Analysis & Preservation that might arise in the course of investigating criminal activity. Any Part of an enterprise system can be vulnerable to criminal activity, data theft, data loss, unauthorised penetration, forensic analysis must make sure to analyse storage media, hardware and operating systems, networks & applications are the points of compromise. The mission criticality of a compromised application, system or network determines the level of investigation.
When conducting a digital forensic investigation, it is important to follow the digital forensics scientific process from: Data Collection – Examination & Analysis – Reporting presented to you by our expert analysis team that worked on this investigation for you to use it in any matter be it personal, corporate or legal matters.
Another important consideration for organisations, should they be a victim of a breach, is the possible mishandling of the evidence by untrained staff. To mitigate this risk, in organisations evidence preservation considerations could evolve, bringing an external forensics specialist, especially when a court, or a law matter is involved, and you need to present this evidence to be used legally to prosecute an outcome.
Each Device type have different intrusion methods, that vary for Computers, to Mobile Phones, or any digital device, it requires someone who knows first hand how compromised devices happen, because of what we do, we have accumulated using the mindset of an attacker, to trace back and determine any evidence linking to what we are after.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services: When you discover that your enterprise, or business has been breached, and you are a victim of a cyber crime, or you need an expert to intervene and locate a device, an identity or trace back a digital file, or a photo extracting information that could help trace or prove a situation, recover deleted & lost files or assist with an investigation for any organisation dealing under the below sectors:

⦿ Law Enforcement
⦿ Government
⦿ Insurance Companies
⦿ Legal Defence Teams
⦿ Crypto Currency
⦿ Healthcare
⦿ Education
⦿ Civil Litigation
⦿ Corporations
⦿ Law Firms

General Steps:

Since Cyber Security is our main identity, and our expertise lies by using the latest tools & framework that assosiate with our Forensic Digital Services, helping you with our workforce team that are trained to prove, recover, document the findings & discoveries so that you can use it for testimonials, or official evidence for legal or personal matters.

Computer Forensics rely on creating a disk image to preserve evidence or virtual drives, may be used to clone the state and content of the disk, before starting the analysis, preserving the initial state that was received, so the comparison to what the outcome will be after analysis is done, can be seen clearly after comparing with the preserved initial state of the drive.

Network Forensics focuses on monitoring and analysing your internal and external traffic with specialised tools, in order to determine an authorised attempt through the computer traffic of all protocols that is being monitored.

Mobile Devices present their own unique challenges due in part of the memory volatility as low power limitations are being used on smart phones, and a different approached must be used to retrieve information from smart phone devices.

Regardless of any type of attack or breach, Black Hat Ethical Hacking, are ready with proactive tools in order to start working on discovering the evidence that will help you use in any way it is required.

Such Evidence needs to be preserved and maintained in a secure way, without the risk of having this evidence stolen, or destroyed. Depending on the packages you choose, we can store them up to a year or more if needed until it is due to be used.

When you discover that your enterprise has been breached, Digital Forensics ensures that the best practices are observed throughout the evidence gathering process that Black Hat Ethical Hacking Team are trained to do.

Without Digital Forensics… Evidence can turn out to be missing or unnoticed and systems may remain vulnerable to such future attacks, data breach is becoming more damaging, and the projection as of 2018 and onwards, is predicted to be on the rise more than any previous years, every year. Digital Forensics will continue to provide solutions, to help fight cyber crime by setting examples of catching up with the criminals using the techniques we specialise in.

Data Recovery from:

⦿ Smart Phones
⦿ Hard Drives
⦿ USB External Drives
⦿ Mac, Linux or Windows Laptops
⦿ Camera & memory Cards
⦿ Android Phones & iOS Devices
⦿ Internet History
⦿ Browsing & Search Words
⦿ Social Media History

If we are unable to recover any of your data we will not charge but the diagnosis fees, and the time could take weeks or months to recover your data, it depends on a case by case basis, we at Black Hat Ethical Hacking, every case matters because to some, data is irreplaceable.
Our Rates vary depending on the client needs, and our services are tailored to your needs.

Special Services Include:

⦿ Evaluation (For Data Recovery)
⦿ Client Consultation
⦿ Expert Testimonial Report
⦿ Research}
⦿ Mobile Devices – Physically Delivered
⦿ Single or Multiple Hard Drives / USB Physically Delivered
⦿ Remote Recovery
⦿ Criminal Forensics
⦿ Corporate Forensics
⦿ Computer or Notebook Forensics Examination
⦿ Mobile Device or Tablet Forensics Examination
⦿ Travel Rate
⦿ Storing Evidence



of network intrusions and data breaches are due to compromised user credentials


of cyber attacks are aimed at small companies, and this number will only keep increasing.

1 million more jobs in a cybersecurity market which is expected to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.

1 million new malware threats released every day. Companies are struggling to fend off cyber attacks as hackers get more creative.