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Penetration Testing Solutions

To us, when we want to talk about Cyber Security, we like to think of it of two teams, the Red Team (Hackers, Offensive) & the Blue Team (CISSO, Defensive), who we represent, is the Red Team. Black Hat | Ethical Hacking, derives, after knowing how the way people classify a hacker, through the traditional way, being the White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat.

We know that Black Hats, are the stronger ones when it comes to performing real attacks involving a lot of advanced offensive skill , zero day exploits (unknown to the world yet), those are usually old school or heavily involved on the offensive sides on a daily basis, to the point that they have the ability to rewrite a code, using known languages to developers, but to perform “other” tasks, manipulating systems, programs, platforms, even human beings using social engineering techniques.
Because we have this skill and mindset when it comes to the technicality of it, but our motive comes for ethical reasons, we tend to classify our own Hat or way of presenting how we offer our services, and that is the “Black Hat | Ethical Hacking” Way.

A fter Signing our NDA, our methods, are built around the offensive side of things, coming from a background of Black Hats, back in the 90s, even before Back Track & Knoppix. The offensive tools, and social engineering experience collected from the years, writing our own exploits for Bug Bounty Programs, define who we are today, and our security researchers, along with our team are aligned around this concept, the best way, is when it comes to a real test against your system, is when the Red Team, goes against your Blue Team, whether you are hosting it on a cloud, or locally, when you are ready for a penetration testing, besides the ISO27001 tailored reports, we do use the latest applications, frameworks, custom payloads, rootkits, social engineering attacks, exploitation, post exploitation, zero day, digital forensic techniques, to test your systems, antivirus, IDS, firewalls and provide a real combination of associated attacks, with teams focusing on the reconnaissance, and collection of information, another team focused on collecting and collaborating this information, and start planning the technique to attack, collecting information from social media with extensive knowledge with programs such as Maltego from Paterva Recon-NG, Google Dorking, Black Hat Tools, custom written recon framework, often used by groups like “Anonymous” some that are publicly available in Github (some are not), documenting & providing you with 720p videos of our attacks taking place using tools like Nessus, Arachni, Open Vas, black hat top latest, and self written tools & frameworks with custom FUD payloads.

With minimal information provided by you, the company & how much information we will gather, and what exploit and technique is the best to go against your setup, and the most effective way to get hold of your system, by choosing different services.
We also offer post exploitation, because to us, shell is just the beginning. Recon is the most time consuming, complicated process, our hackers need minutes to get into a system, its what goes before that is the challenging part, and our skilled Black Hat Ethical Hackers, excel at that.

Check our News, and stay tuned to every day Real attacks, exploits and news to what is happening to the biggest companies in the world, you do not want to be a 30 second breach video on the news, reputation is crucial to some of us, and for those who want that, we offer you our services, and our team are eager to assist you with your mission to secure your business, as there is no Silver Bullet, there are layers you can add, and the more you add, the stronger you become.

Network Penetration Testing
Evaluation of your network’s ability to withstand attacks. Our Black Hat Ethical Hackers, know exactly the way to perform such testing, it takes sometimes literally minutes to get access, the black hat way, is what makes this different ethically speaking. Internal & External assessments can be performed.

Code Review
Reviewing, your Java, HTML, Web Coding, in case you have a bug that can/could be used to exploit over your system, our ethical hackers have the vast experience to identify such mistakes sometimes left by web designers, programmers and so on, preventing them from future writings to make the same mistake, and fixing your flaw. 

Wireless Network Penetration Testing
Penetration testing of your wireless (WLAN) by having LAN remote connection, to discover security flaws in wireless networks. Escalate after different techniques using Rogue Access Points, or on the spot handshake interception and advanced techniques to get access to your WIFI.

Social Analysis
Evaluation of your employees’ readiness to identify and withstand attacks through Social Engineering techniques. In our assessment, we use the same techniques as Black Hat Hackers do (e.g. advanced reconnaissance, phishing, phone, physical access..) 

Our Penetration Testing methodology gives you a unique experience, for large enterprises, to companies who really look into security deeper, and want to test their systems whether its a Bank, Education, Crypto Currency, Gambling, Firm or any sector, to us, we will perform and we have a 100% Success rate in seizing any system, because that is just the beginning, followed by post exploitation techniques. 

Scope of Work: 

⦿ Info Gathering & Preparation
⦿ Active & Passive Recon
⦿ Vulnerability Identification
⦿ Deep Analysis

⦿ Post Exploitation
⦿ Tailored Reports
⦿ GDPR Readiness, ISO 27001, PCI compliance

General Steps:


Dig Information available using google dork techniques, and more complex custom written scripts, gathering public (And Private) Information throughout the world wide web, exposing lots of information that could bring to your attention, so that you can identify what got them there, and fix the issue.

Our Techniques, are unique, they are written, and combined by our Black Hat Ethical Hacker Team research engineers, who’s experience comes with years of training on the offensive side, can be seen in our weekly video releases exploiting new techniques, showcasing our skill, who use these for performing advanced methods, not available everywhere publicly. Our Team specialises different groups, such as Info Gathering & Reconnaissance Team, Attack & Exploit Team, Post Exploitation Team, and the Incident Response & Remediation Team to give you the best documented way your reports, and Videos so you can start working on the remediation process. 

Black Box Penetration Testing

There are known ways, by the book ways, used by most penetration testers, and there is the Black Hat Way. Black Hat Ethical Hacking will be using methods not so known, or available to everyone, ranging from zero Day Exploits, to uniquely ruby, python scripts, all embedded and imported into frameworks like Metasploit, depending on the type of advanced test, from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks), using different secure and stealth Raspberry Pi Devices distributed across the globe, some using 3G connectivity from pay as you go SIM Cards, to other various methods of anonymity using various OS, like Kali, Parrot OS, Cyborg or Arch, simulating attacks performed remotely using those devices.

A t Black Hat Ethical Hacking we give you the opportunity to talk and discuss what type of Penetration Testing you, or your company need, so we can arrange a tailored quote based on your requirements. We take Cyber Security very seriously and consist of  teams who consume 30% in their every day life researching, testing the latest attacks being released, we are very passionate at what we do, SaintDruG Has helped us take it to another level, its not the programs, or the scripts its the way we do it, seeing it from a real “Black Hat” Mind.. with Ethical morality behind it. stay tuned with our latest videos being released by our team helping you expand your knowledge for any level, in order to understand better how the dark world of hacking, works, so you can take precaution that is much higher than any AI system, we exploit the human mind, and learning from such attacks after a successful test, will prepare you to know how your Blue Team will handle it from a real attack scenario.

T he time it takes to conduct a pen test varies based on the size of a company’s network, the complexity of that network, and the individual penetration test staff members assigned. There is no such thing as absolute security, Black Hat Hackers are constantly researching, developing new ways and techniques, and the Blue Team does not have the knowledge or the mindset of a Red Team, of a Black Hat, they train on securing, and learning programming language to use with Cisco, HPE, Dell that is written on Linux.
Cisco bought a program called “Snort” written based on linux, Panda uses it in their products, and many others rely on Linux mostly Debian that is designed to work better with hacking tools.

Our goal is to assist your decision-making process by demonstrating the strategies of the attackers for you to experience it like never before seen using HD videos of some of the attacks being performed on your system.
Black Hat Ethical Hacking & its team will explore alternative security mechanisms and procedures that you can deploy and provide you with intelligent estimations of their effectiveness.
The purpose is to make you aware of your adversary’s abilities and facilitate mitigation before business losses occur. As soon as you stop strategically red teaming, your security and readiness for attacks diminishes. The odds increase that new unknown vulnerabilities, technologies, and techniques will provide unforeseen exploits and attacks. We will evaluate various areas of your organizational security using a multidimensional approach.Testing different layers of your security policies deployed, and using its weakness to prepare different types of attacks used by Black Hats, and present you with detailed reports how and why it was done, so you can work on it. The More you care, the more you will need to conduct such tests, because security is a myth.. and new vulnerabilities and exploits are being discovered, some are being fixed some are not, even if they release a fix, who applies it? its like a cat & mouse, where one is the exploit and the other is the patch maker, and then there is those who forget to do it, and a black hat simply takes over your system from that small mistake and escalates his way, launching multiple attacks from one machine seized, pivoting his way and escalating all the way to admin, system using token techniques, and sophisticated Black Hat techniques.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing Are Different

Some people mistakenly believe vulnerability scanning or Antivirus scans are the same as a professional penetration test. Even some companies tout ‘penetration testing services’ when in fact, they only offer vulnerability scanning services.
An external vulnerability scan is an automated, affordable, high-level test that identifies known weaknesses in network structures. Some are able to identify more than 50,000 unique external weaknesses. Vulnerability scans have their place. In fact, we highly recommend them as weekly, monthly, or quarterly insight into your network security. Here are the two biggest differences. A vulnerability scan is automated, while a penetration test includes a live person actually digging into the complexities of your network. A vulnerability scan only identifies vulnerabilities, while a penetration tester digs deeper to identify, then attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities to get access to secure systems or stored sensitive data. 

GDPR Readiness Assessment

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy. There is substantial impact to organisations that operate globally.
To respond to these changes effectively, organisations need to assess their current position and how ready they are to meet the new regulation. Given the complexities and lack of information about where and how data is held, this may not be straightforward. This should be followed up by a detailed GDPR readiness assessment to identify specific areas of non-compliance. More detail can then be drawn out in a specific privacy impact assessment which should then allow organisations to be clear about the action they need to take when it comes to governance, processes, organisational structures and technical requirements.
Black Hat Ethical Hacking, providing you with Penetration Testing Services, will help you seal your GDPR assessment after you are ready, and test the final and crucial step of the whole process: Are you ready for an attack, if it happens is your GDPR in place? 

As a data controller, the organization must have a control structure in place that will:

⦿ Apply critical security controls to detect, manage and mitigate appropriately any vulnerabilities to the data processing environment.
⦿ Configure systems in accordance with an enterprise policy and maintaining that configuration.
⦿ Identify systems that deviate from the established policy.
⦿ Continuously monitor log files to alert to any potential breaches or vulnerabilities.
⦿ Maintain the ability to detect, respond to, and remediate any incidents effectively.
⦿ Engage securely with cloud services.

Black Hat Ethical Hacking has experience in exploiting the top applications, frameworks, cloud & physical. Working with known organisations acrross the globe. Knowing this, it will help assess your complete business infrastructure, employees using techniques such as phishing & social engineering aimed at testing your final layer of your readiness into Cyber Security.

Practice against us to win against them. 


of companies experienced one or more successfull attacks compromised data and/or IT Infrastructure


of those attacks utilized exploits for fileless techniques

4 out of 5 organizations replaced or augmented their existing antivirus solution in 2018.

Ponemon Institute

77% of attacks that successfully compromised organizations in 2018 utilized fileless techniques.

Ponemon Institute