E-Mail Database Filtering

Have control on your existing database, by using our filtering solutions.

This Service works with your existing database you have already bought, and want to use our services to send your E-mail Campaign.

We provide 2 levels of filtering:

Level 1: Checks your list, for duplicates, wrongly written e-mails structure wise, filtering them to a new list that is filtered, and another list with those that had an issue giving you an accurate list that you will know how many you will be sending to, and reducing the bounce back of the campaign maximising the overall high inbox rate.

Level 2: Checks each E-mail’s real validity, and this is done by extracting the MX records from the email address and connecting to the mail server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox really exist for that user/address. This takes hours of processing resulting in a pure list.

Each level we process, we use a different algorithm, and is loaded in our platform while it works on providing you with a pure list, an up to date list that would let you know exactly to how many users you are reaching, minimising the inbox bounce rate, spam of that delivery campaign and maximising the reach of your campaign across the globe. As an example, if your list was 10K, it could go down to 7K giving you a ratio of 3K erroneous e-mail lists that no longer exist either because the company closed, the employee left, therefore the older it is, the more likely is to run into such issue.

How does this work & why do i need it?
The bounce rate after this becomes less and less and very minimal because those mails exist and wont bounce back to you generating bad traffic, and risking your SMTP Servers to be on the “Black List”, classified as BAD IP, therefore being under the category of spam, and not being able to deliver them, ending also in Junk Mails.

This will give you the ability to know if the list you had bought, or if you want to minimise bounce rates due to wrong and duplicated Emails, giving you a cleaner list to work with in your marketing campaign activity.

Here is how this process works:

Suppose the system verifies if an email [email protected] exists.
Verify only domain option:- The system will check if domain emailsystem.com, in above example exists, if not it will mark it is non existing. If the domain exists, it will mark it as existing and will not do vigorous extra checking.
Rigid security means not exists:- if a domain, say emailsystem.com. does not allow anonymous email verification for security, the system locates it. and if the option ‘Rigid security means not exists’ is checked the system marks the email as nonexistent.
At any time correct emails and incorrect emails helps us separate emails. We can click these after we are done with email verification process. Our Platform also helps you figure out some mails that are incorrect, it is our choice to delete them, by that it means it provides Filtering Level 1 As well.